A visual storyteller

My name is Irma Ali and I am in love with taking photographs. Being able to capture a moment  into an image makes me incredibly ecstatic. Knowing that someone is enjoying a physical copy of my work keeps me loving what I do.

Lets travel

I'm currently residing in the metro Atlanta area. However, if you'd like to meet with me in a Georgia location, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Live work

Putting all of the pure energy of a live show/event into still pieces of pixels is amazing to me. I love getting the perfect shot of the emotion of music or candids of extraordinary people through a camera lens. I am available for press work as well as promotions.


I love what I do, and you should too! Don't pay for something you wouldn't thoroughly enjoy. I let my clients choose pricing depending on what kind of photos are wanted, what kind of physical copy is being given, and where the location is to be. Please contact me with details on what you would personally prefer.