What It's all about

What do you think of when you picture your dream wedding? You have the lover you've craved for so long. You have your best friends, family, and maybe even the pet you hold so near to your heart that will stand by your side. You picked the best location you could have chosen that represents you both. Tux color has been so careful decided as well as the dress you pictured yourself wearing ever since you were little. You have everything.

What's missing? ME! Just kidding. But I hope you do think that I am the best fit for you to document the day you've been waiting for. I would consider myself a goofball and an all around enthusiastic human - especially at weddings. Weddings bring out the energy and outgoing side of me. I give my all when I have a camera strap on. Laugh with me. Show me all the love you have for your other half. Let's become friends once the sun sets on your big day.

So what is it all about? Real human connection and raw happiness