We’re friends. we don’t shake hands, we hug.


Hi, I’m Irma.


Helping you create a perfect plan for your special day is important to me. I’m a professional third wheeler and I promise to capture those little moments and the big feelings. Laughter and the fuzzy feeling of love are my favorite human qualities. Let me craft your atmosphere in just the way you imagine it.

I moved across the country from Atlanta at the end of 2017 right after graduating with my photo degree. Just a car packed with stuff. No job, bed, or place to live. I knew I needed to be in a city near the mountains and fresh air. Here I am in Denver. Full time travel photographer. Going to the Rocky Mountains every weekend that I can and hopping on planes to other pretty places for people like you. Thanks for making my dreams come true. I couldn’t do this without you.


  • KINDNESS. Always treat other how you want to be treated.

  • LISTENING. Your thoughts are important. I value what you have to say.

  • SHARING IDEAS. We grow when we learn from one another.

  • EQUALITY. Every color/body shape/gender/sexuality/race matters.

  • MY PLANET. Learn about National Parks & how to care for our Earth.

  • LAUGHTER. I believe true connection can be made through ugly laughs.


campfires, the Office and Friends, chocolate with caramel, arcades, museums, going to brunch, working in coffee shops, Westworld, heavy weighted blankets, cotton candy at the fair, Fall breezes and crunchy leaves, stumpy corgi legs, Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli movies, being up front at concerts, board games, flowers and plants (put them EVERYWHERE), developing my own film, hiking, hammocks, collecting records and old cameras, watercolor paints, raw cookie dough, mini golf, and photography of course!