Your Professional

Third Wheeler

Hello friend! I'm Irma and I can't wait to hear all about you and your big ol' love story. Helping you create a perfect plan for your special day is important to me. Not only am I a professional third wheeler, I promise to capture those little moments and the big feelings. Laughter and the fuzzy feeling of love are my favorite humans qualities. Let me make your personality shine through your photos.

Here's a little backstory behind the lens: 

I grew up in the amazing city of Pittsburgh living on the same street as my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Having a big family so close to me, love and patience was always #1. My parents taught me to always be kind to the people I met and to be humble. Everyone has their own struggles and strengths. That has stuck with me from the beginning and I try to remember that every day.

After finishing elementary school in Pittsburgh, my parents and I moved to a small town outside of Atlanta. I was home schooled for a year and loved it. That was when I realized I was truly an introvert - a lover of books, art, and small groups of people to really connect with. Taking after my art loving mom and film taker dad, I knew I wanted to pursue something in the arts. My first photo class in high school made me fall in love with photography. After that, I never put down a camera. In college, I took film classes and shot photos of everything to develop in the dark room. I then decided to immerse myself completely and achieved my degree in photography. At 23, Colorado became my ultimate destination. With my savings money gathered from shoots, the decision to move was made with my boyfriend and his husky. Here we are, happy and loving the adventure life.

For the past decade since high school, life has included shooting hundreds of bands in Southeast venues and madly in love couples across the US. I love getting to snap quick moments as they happen, so that the people in them can look back and remember the feeling. Spending time with couples deep in love and musicians passionate about playing music makes me love what I do.

Things I love, maybe you like them too:

the Office and Friends, chocolate (preferably salted caramel), camp fires, arcades, going to brunch and coffee shops, Game of Thrones (my boyfriend’s husky’s name is Arya), heavy weighted blankets, Fall breezes, museums, stumpy corgi legs, Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli movies, being up front at concerts, board games, flowers and plants (put them EVERYWHERE), hiking, hammocks, collecting records and old cameras, watercolor paints, and the bf (if you like him, then I automatically like you)

This is us. Tyler and I met in Atlanta, Georgia. Our story: I came to his house once and just never left.

Since then we have been together for over three years. In November of 2017 we moved across the country to start a new beginning in Denver, Colorado. No jobs, no place to live. Only our cars and what we could pack in them. It sounds crazy but nothing could have gone smoother. Now Tyler works at a graphic design agency (literally down the street from our awesome apartment) doing what he loves and I’m doing photography full time!

We love hiking (with the pupper when we can), taking pictures on adventures, and seeing the world!

Tyler is part of the biggest elopement package I offer. He is second shooter, assistant, and adventure helper!
So excited for him to be working with me.
We love creating art and what better way to do that than working with YOU!

Check out his instagram and the husky’s:
Tyler: @ttirremt
Arya: @aryachronicles