LIGHTS at The Summit Music Hall


From down this low, it's only up we go.

This is a late post because LIGHTS came to the Summit Music Hall for the We Were Here tour, on February 13th...and it's now MARCH. I'm catching up, wanting to try to post most of my shoots to the blog. Since there wasn't a post for February and I just posted a January wedding - here we go! (or Up We Go as LIGHTS would say)

One of the first openers for LIGHTS was DCF or otherwise known as Prince DCF. He didn't let us know what his outfit meant until a few songs in - I think he wanted the crowd to get a little more comfy and judge for themselves for a second! It was later admitted that the shopping for a crazy new outfit went horribly wrong. The clothing he thought would look like a prince, turned out to be known as his "Captain Crunch" look. In my opinion, I think he would make a great new mascot for the cereal box! His fun personality really shows in the pop/electric music he brings. My favorite part of his set, however, was when he belted the acoustic version of Misery Business by Paramore as his last song. We were all surprised when he brought out an acoustic guitar as well as some great vocals to cover this popular early 2000's emo hit. Make sure to listen to DCF's new song "Bring a Friend" in the link below, released less than two months ago!

Up next was Australian band, Chase Atlantic. Formed by two brothers and a longtime friend, this eerie pop infused music with a touch of R&B made it's way through worldwide touring for the past seven years. Their dream of producing their own music and signing a deal with Warner Bros. had come true. With the use of instruments not particularly popular in this genre of music, Chase Atlantic's style creates a smooth feel that agrees with the crowd. Last year, the band released their self-titled album - having songs that have already hit over 8 million listens on Spotify.

They're gonna know - that we were here

As the crowd was already pumped - here comes LIGHTS! She opened with "New Fears" - one of her songs from the latest album, Skin and Earth. LIGHTS made her way on stage by having the screen behind her lit which made her silhouetted. It was a perfect way to set the mood. To my surprise there were just as many guys singing along as there were girls!

Tell me 'bout the last time you got free. Laughed 'til your sides split, cut your knees.

Listening to her smash through songs from 2009 to now was an incredible experience for me. The song choices were on point with each one showing exactly who she was and grew to be. Her genre of electropop has stayed consistent by being upbeat and fun. LIGHTS also added in some of her acoustic songs which were a nice relaxation point from the dancing around!

Can a slave reach freedom, can a captive take hold?

The entire set was filled with compassion and great ideas. Sticking with the lyrics from We We Here - "local cuts, pizza crust, leave a message on the bus", LIGHTS used a pizza box to hold her synthesizer as well as handing notes out to the crowd!

As a singer, songwriter, artist, style icon, guitarist, and pianist - LIGHTS still finds time for her touring husband while taking her daughter along on tour. Not to mention, keeping her health at an all time high by her vegan diet and constant yoga sessions while touring. She is an inspiration for women of all ages.