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In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

Let's stay in.

First things first - this family in home session was a DREAM! Arianna Danielson and I initially met through Instagram. A brand called Joybird that sells custom modern furniture had featured her room setups on their Instagram page. Her page had been tagged with theirs, leading me to click to her on the "Explore" page. As I scrolled through, I was in awe of her well-designed home, the photos of her sweet kiddos, and all of the amazing furniture she owned. I started to read her bio and realized she lived in Colorado Springs, only an hour away from me! Shortly after some real serious online stalking of her vintage collecting business (Wicker and Woven - please click to check this out!), I knew I needed to send a message seeing if she would shoot with me. She quickly messaged back and we set up a date. That day couldn't have come fast enough, I was so excited.

What I wanted to focus in on was tons of candids of Arianna and her hubby, Nathan, loving on the sweet babes. It was a pretty easy thing to do!

We made coffee as they sat around the dinner table. I wanted their daughter, Charliee, on top of the table so I could see her better. Sweet girl wanted to share her "coffee" (actually milk) with her parents. That cup was heavier than it looks. Arianna had later texted me after this shoot that Charliee thinks it is okay to sit on the table all the time now!

In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

But first, coffee.

Their son, Leo, had unfortunately been very sick that past week and was still recovering. However, he had been doing much better and was so well behaved while shooting for a bit. His attention span had been cut short along with his sleepiness. His favorite movie is Frozen, so he went to go watch it in the living room while the rest of us continued in the bedroom. What I didn't know though, that puppies were hiding in the connecting door!

In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

Love is a 4 legged word.

Charliee loves dogs so much, giving this pup constant attention by all means necessary - even trying to put her own shirt on it (second photo).

In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

Home is where the pups are.

In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

Happiness means holding you close.

Even though this was the first time meeting  Arianna and Nathan, you could tell their love was effortless. Arianna is able to stay at home taking care of their babes and work on her interior designing of their home while Nathan works. The town of Colorado Springs holds their quaint childhood home located in a quiet culdesac. Being married for over 6 years, it is clear that this family was meant to be.

In Home Colorado Springs Family and Couple Session

I've never fallen from quite this high,
Falling into your ocean eyes.

Billie Eilish

With Leo preoccupied with Frozen, I had to get a "lil' mommy and me" session in with Charliee in her room. Arianna began to read one of her daughter's favorite books as they joked and giggled. The natural light meshing with the wallpaper, bright colors, and vintage furniture created a perfect tiny human oasis. 

In Home Colorado Springs Mommy and Me Session

You make me happy when skies are gray.

And for the grand finale, I call this one Wine and Piano Lessons. In their living room, a beautiful old piano sits that gets played...for FUN! The greatest part of their home piano is that none of them know how to fully play. Arianna found this wonderful piece for such an amazing price while thrifting - who could pass that up??? They tapped their fingers to what small bits they did know, while having a glass of wine and some laughs! I left this shoot smiling and having one more extra friend than I did an hour before. I can't wait to have thrift shopping days with Arianna in the near future!

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