Dom + Destiny | Atlanta Anniversary Photographer

Here's a little preface: I currently reside in Colorado, but since I have family and friends in Georgia, I visit often. This shoot was from one of these visits. I booked a wedding in Georgia on the Saturday before Easter (which I will be posting about shortly), so I made a long weekend out of it.

Dom and Destiny have been dating for 7 years now and married for two. I met them both in high school. Back then, Destiny had been wanting to get into the hair/cosmetology industry and Dom had a band with a few of my good friends. Destiny and I have both graduated college now and Dom has come so far in his music career. It is awesome seeing the happiness in their eyes for each other and their passions. 

I have done plenty of shoots for Dom. From photographing his band both live and promotional on multiple occasions, doing portrait sessions for his solo albums, I've also done his engagement and wedding photos - which I definitely shed some tears at. 

Alright enough of me bragging about one of my favorite married couples, here's some photos we made!

When I met you, I became myself.

R.M. Drake

Our first stop on our afternoon was at a pull off dirt road! Driving past this area once before, I noticed large trees full of wisteria and soft grass in an open field. However, it was fenced in. The more I looked, as I let go of the gas pedal, the fence had a swing door that was unlocked. I immediately turned around and pulled in. My friend was with me at the time as we scoped out the property. My friend and I were walking around, having fun taking photos on my polaroid, and a man started walking towards us. I didn't see him pull in, so he must have been familiar with the area ("or just being really creepy," I thought to myself). When he got closer from across the field, he waived and told us that he was the owner of the property. I was a bit relieved but was worried he was going to kick us out. With camera in hand, I told him that we were only taking some photos by his beautiful trees. My friend and I started walking towards the gate and he begins to tell us that we can stay if we want - he wasn't mad, just introducing himself. He continued on only to warn us about the homeless people he lets sleep deeper into the trees on stacks of mattresses. He didn't want us to go further than we already were. We finished up shooting since it was getting hot and headed on out. After meeting with the kind property owner, I knew I wanted to try to shoot at this location with a couple before my long weekend visit was over. Thankfully, Dom and Destiny are down for anything. When I mentioned it, they were so up for it!

Dom also wanted to have some shots for himself on this shoot for the new solo music he had been working on. On our last shoot together many months ago, we went for a moody tone. This time he said he was all about the happy. So naturally, I tried to let as much sun in with colors and flowers as I could!

The next stop on our shoot was Piedmont Park in Atlanta (or that is where I thought we were headed). I pictured in my mind the view of the city in the background of the photos with the pink flowers blooming all around. I knew it was Easter Sunday but I did not expect the gigantic crazy crowd that I drove up to. There was nowhere, absolutely nowhere, to park cars. I never shot at Piedmont Park before, so I was pretty bummed to see this. I picked up the phone, called Dom and Destiny and begged them to meet me at a different location. Grant Park is located in a more secluded neighborhood and I figured there had to be blooms on that side of town too. I was more familiar with the area and it was easy to find parking right next to the park entrance. As Dom and Destiny pulled up behind me, we are hit with beautiful colors all around us. To a variety of flower bushes to strange plants overhanging the walls on the far side, I could not decide where I wanted to go first. We went over to the pink bushes and I stood in the street to shoot!

Next, we were off to the giant rose bush in front of a house on the opposite side of the street.


And some shots for Dom...

For the last bit of the shoot, we headed toward a big willow tree. I don't think about willow trees all of the time 25/8 of my life - even in my sleep, but when I pass by them in the car, I think MAN I really need to do a shoot with one! When I saw this one in all it's glory, I wasn't passing it up.

If I was a flower growing wild and free,

all I'd want is you to be my sweet

honey bee

Barry Louis Polisar

Thinking about it now, everyone was probably at Piedmont Park that day because Grant Park was very empty. I am really thankful for couples that go with the flow and are glad to change their location solely because they trust me - even when Dom and Destiny paid me in full. What a great ending to our shoot.