Sand Dunes Colorado | Styled Shoot

My friend and photographer Noah Berg created the idea of having a styled shoot in the Sand Dunes with a team. This team consisted of a stylist, planner, the couple, an assistant, him and myself.

So many things happened this day that went differently than expected - mostly because of the weather couldn’t be predicted.

However, we did what we could with plans A, B, and C! What a long and fun day it was.

As you can see from the clouds above, there were mixed weather conditions. We drove through a freakin’ BLIZZARD for five hours to get to the dunes. Luckily, the blizzard cleared for the last hour of the drive. Before leaving, the weather called for some snow at the Dunes, but we weren’t expecting this. By the time we arrived, there was no snow - just a drop in temperature and tons of wind!

Since the roads getting there were backed up with traffic, we lost much of the daylight by the time we set up. With leaving about 10:30 am, factoring in daylight savings and traffic, there was a bit of golden hour left and a little before dark to fit in the shoot. Thankful for the couple and planner that still were able to make the trek!

Props to the “bride” that was in it for the long haul for the chilly weather with just the dress and heels! We covered her in a blanket and coat as much as we could in between shots.

Since the windchill made it pretty unbearable, it was decided to stay on the outskirts of the dunes. Driving down to the foot of the dunes - we couldn’t even get out of the car from how strong the winds were. We made do with about a mile away with the dunes in the far background. There was a giant difference in the weather from where we pulled over!

They brought their pupper along and it made my whole day!! He was so sweet, cuddly, and just wanted you to hold him. He wasn’t camera shy though!

It isn’t light we need,but fire

This shot right here was worth it all for me. Effortless love. Even though this was a styled shoot, these two were very much in love and had been dating for quite some time.

Please check out the team that made this all possible:

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