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Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

We are growing together now.

This was a lucky day for me. I really did not know these two nor was anticipating a wedding day in March. My boyfriend had been friends with Kat on Facebook. They had graduated together. Kat had made a Facebook posting about being engaged around Christmas time and my boyfriend commented about me and my photo business. It was Christmas Eve that she had messaged me saying she wanted to book me as her photographer. What an awesome Christmas present, right? The only thing was, that I had recently moved to Colorado and I had not planned on booking many Georgia weddings so shortly after the move. Her decision had changed my mind - especially when she insisted to pay for my ticket back home. Lucky for them, I had a wedding that I had booked a year ago for January in Georgia. I was able to come home and have a coffee date with her to chat about details and to officially meet! And so it was! A wedding three months later during their Spring Break.

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

Dreams are realities in waiting. And oh, how I was waiting for you.

You could easily tell how Kat's bridesmaids were chosen. They were all so chill and open, just like Kat. One of my favorite parts of the beginning of this day was her bridesmaids cutting her veil with a pair of ordinary scissors with no regard. The photo above shows how calm and collected she had been during this whole morning. Most of my brides are involved in every moment. Not Kat. She was taking it all in. She was enjoying every second as it came. Knowing she was going to marry her best friend and that was all that mattered. 

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer


Oh, and did I mention - their venue was a yoga studio! SO COOL. Natural light and green tones? My favorite. I love what a minimal look they went for. As the small details were added to the space, their first look was to happen in the coffee shop next door!

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

When your father has to wear sunglasses to hide his tears all day.

I love photographing "the guys" because they always show their spunk and personality. They don't normally care for typical fancy, they just want some laid back and fun photos with THE BROS!

I really could not get enough of this cute little courtyard in town. There was so much ivy and brick that meshed so well with their dress colors and bouquets. Even though my boyfriend is from this venue's location of Griffin, I had been several times but had no idea this spot existed. Obsessed with Kat's lace too!

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

Walking his daughter down the aisle, tears kept coming.

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

The divine in me honors the

divine in you.

Just spreadin' love like confetti!

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

The aftermath

Simplicity was found through out the whole day, even the reception. The cake was homemade by a friend. A polaroid was left on the table for people to pick up at their choosing. Since their ceremony was earlier in the day, there was still much natural light left for their reception. It was located in the restaurant across the street and it couldn't have been anymore perfect. In this small town, everyone knows everyone. Horns were honking and the restaurant employees were so happy to be a part of Kat and Taylor's day.

Just a few candids! I couldn't help myself, this light was perfect and the love was abundant.

Kat scared me a little with that knife, woah now! ;)

There was quite a bit of dancing with everyone and a ton of laughs. Maybe a little more cries from dad, but he eventually was laughing along too. What a joy for me to witness.

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

You and I in unison

Kat and Taylor were really so easy to work with. They moved naturally and let me tell you THEY LOOKED GOOD. I didn't have to give them much direction because they felt what was right all on their own. This little alley across the street was a great little spot for a getaway session. Not nearly as much traffic as the main road came through and those that did were happy to wait or move around us.

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

Life is serious, but so fun with you.

Give me all the golden light! Ah, I love how Taylor looks at Kat so blissfully here.

Griffin, Georgia Yoga Studio Wedding Photographer

For your touch, I'd go to the ends of the Earth.

This day ended so well. Perfect light, a happy family, a joyful couple. Here are some of the last tidbits of this beautiful evening.