Jessica + Brett | First Wedding of 2018, Roswell Historic Cottage

Hello blogging world! 

This is my first blog post of 2018 (and actually ever).
I'm excited to start sharing images with you of my favorite wedding highlights. 

Let's get started with the first wedding of the year - Jessica and Brett Blackburn!

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"

- Charlie Chaplin

When a momma cries
seeing her grown baby
in her wedding dress.

The boy-o's! Can you spot the twin brothers? Brett and his best man are most certainly two peas in a pod.
It is crazier to me that my last wedding shoot of 2017 also had the best man and groom as twins!
ANNNNDD the song on their first dance was the same as the Blackburns. The universe is wild sometimes.

First looks are one of my favorite parts of the day if the couple chooses to add it. I fully recommend.
Plus, first looks make the day simpler because the bride no longer has to be hidden away and more time can be spent with everyone together.
The joy in both of their faces is undeniable. This moment I shared with them was indescribable.
(Peep her mom and bridesmaids smiling around the corner trying to be secretive)

You'll meet one seeing embers of galaxies glow life into your eyes.

- Nikita Gill

Jessica had been talking about having photos in this spectacular room by the glass bookshelf.
We made it happen - even though it was a historic house and most of the rooms/items in the house (including the bookshelf) were roped off!


If you're not having fun, is it even your wedding day?

Details are so important. I try to incorporate decor with rings.
Walking around discovering the best light and placement is something I look forward to when scouting through the venue. 

As Jessica and her bridesmaids finished getting prepped for going down the aisle, we found a beautiful brass frame that everyone wanted photos in!
We figured...SIP HAPPENS - so we popped some bubbly.

My heart will be your shelter, my arms as your home.

Nothing but smiles and tears to end off the ceremony right.

I'm so glad I'm me and you're you and we're we.


We stopped in the parking lot and they smiled through the light

Kids bring the life to any party.

Jessica and Brett's first dance seemed like it was going to be so romantic....
But as the music began when they hit the dance floor, you couldn't believe what song played. LET'S GET IT ON!!
Everyone was over-the-top surprised and the room immediately filled with laughter from all corners.

I love it when both the youngsters and the older folks get down. Even the grandparents (one who was 95) got up to dance. 


They snuck up on him for a smooch. He never smiles, but look at THAT.

There couldn't be a better way to end the night other than King of Pops!
Their signature rainbow umbrella stand came for the last few hours with three flavors that the bride and groom got to pick.
Let's just say it was a big hit..especially with Jessica!