the Watkin's Campfire Family Session | Covington, Georgia Photographer


Normally I don’t post my family sessions but I loved this one in particular. Nicole and Hank Watkins have a cozy home together with two lovely girls, Parker and Presleigh. Nicole has been a friend of mine since middle school and it was an honor to photograph them. We previously had a family mini shoot a few months back (which I’ll share at the end of this blog) and was ecstatic to have a full shoot at their home. They are newly married now! I loved catching up and listening to their weddings stories.

Nicole had told me about the kind of shoot she was interested and I immediately hopped on board.

Campfire + s’mores + kiddos = a good time

Really it’s a perfect equation and you can’t tell me otherwise!

Hank recently built a firepit in their backyard that we were to utilize for the shoot. On one of my visits from Colorado to Georgia, we planned out when we were to do it to match with all three of our schedules. Fingers crossed it wasn’t going to rain. Lucky for us, it was on and off the whole day and we were able to get a dry block in.

Usually I would say rain would be fun BUT no bueno for a shoot involving fire.

As we warmed up by the fire for a bit, they offered coffee and hot chocolate. Honestly what could have been better?

The kids started making their own s’mores. Step 1, messy marshmellows.

Step 2: Chocolate Graham Station, *toot toot.*

Step 3: munch, munch, munch. First s’mores ever! An iconic moment to say the least.

How cute are those matching hats that Nicole embroidered! She has one to match as well.

Next up, the Watkins’ as Parker and Presleigh went to jump on the trampoline on the other side of the yard.

In your eyes, I caught fire.

This was the most fun I’ve had on a family shoot in awhile. Granted, these are good people and I might have stayed an extra hour or two just blabbing. Sorry, you guys. Thanks for having me and sharing snacks! (You won my heart at that point)

Here’s some of the previous mini family/engagement shots I mentioned earlier! Excited for our next shoot that we already have planned once they buy, build, and move into their new house!