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You Are My Greatest Adventure

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Hi, I’m Irma! Here for you and that’s what I care about.
Living for real human connection, raw happiness, and lots of Thai Iced Tea.
My favorite things at weddings are hugs, puppies of honor, and rolling happy tears.
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Discounted Travel Dates:

Hey, Want to travel for cheap with me?!


Thinking you want to elope/have a destination wedding, but somewhere crazy?
Traveling with a budget? Look no further, I got your back.
If you don’t have a place in mind but are looking to save money, I’ll be posting discounts I find.
They all leave from the states and are ROUNDTRIP, baby!
Dates will update accordingly as they don’t last long.

I will be available every step of the way on the trip.
This includes recommendations on car rental and somewhere to stay close to photo destination.
Email to book flights and be spontaneous with me! Limited time offers.


Kenya — Winter 2018 ($250)

Norway — Spring 2019 ($280)

Hawaii — Spring 2019 ($400)

Iceland — Winter 2018 ($300)