Life is pure adventure. And the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.
— Maya Angelou

Your third wheel

Do you live for ice cream and deep belly laughs? Are you a fan of dogs going everywhere with you or lime scootering down the street at midnight? Whoops - I think we might be friends. I’m Irma *high five* nice to virtually meet!

Hopefully you need a photographer and that is why you’re here correct? Well I’m happy to tell you by the end of us working together, you’ll have one more friend - and that’s that.

I don’t classify myself as a vendor, I’m here to make the best photos I possibly can for you. No matter where you need me, I will find a way to have conversations to make the perfect plan for you. Skype calls or a coffee date - I want you to feel comfortable knowing you’re in good hands. We’re all human, I get that. You’re scared to get in front of the camera? Hey, me too. Let’s make jokes and let your personality shine. Feelings over stuff. Laughs over posing. Personality over shot lists. Let’s create something fun and real.


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Where will I be?

Domestically, I travel A LOT. My favorite thing is traveling for shoots. Spending time with new friends on their territory is so rewarding for me. Sometimes I travel for fun in my spare time. These are preplanned destination dates below to see where I will be and when. If I come through your city, be sure to say hello or even book a shoot! If you’re somewhere in the world and want me to come to you with the date unlisted - AWESOME. Try to let me know a few weeks in advance and I’ll book a ticket (to literally ANYWHERE) with accommodations. It’s that simple! There’s a good chance that I have friends or family in the US to stay with if I hit your city. If not - I’m always down to crash a couch at yours or book an Air BnB close to you. All you pay for is transportation and a place for me to stay. If your state is drivable and I can couch crash, you get a big ol’ travel discount. Sound good? Simple enough. Alright then, I’ll see you soon!


2019 Travel

January: Atlanta
February: Pittsburgh | Atlanta
March: Southern Wyoming
April: Northern California | Australia
May: Atlanta | Southern Colorado
June: Rhode Island | South Dakota | Savannah
July: Maine | Boston | Atlanta
August: Alaska | Portland | LA | Disneyland
September: Southern Colorado | Atlanta
October: Arkansas | Kentucky | Tennessee
November: Tokyo | Cambodia | Thailand | Vietnam
December: Atlanta | Pittsburgh | NY | Tel Aviv


dates listed have travel fee waved. if you'd like to book, I will already be there. PLease message for other discounted dates through the year in international locations.