Alex + Abbey | Grand Canyon Proposal Adventure Photographer


This was hands down my favorite shoot of 2018! Alex and Abbey said yes right here. At the edge of the Grand Canyon. Alex was kind enough to have me along even though he had never met me before. For most of my shoots, I try to meet my clients at least once before their scheduled time with me. These two made a vacation to Arizona as I made my way by car from Colorado. I made the 11 hour road trip in my car as soon as he asked me if I wanted to do this with them. I knew I was coming even though I had never been to the Grand Canyon before. Little did he know, I had been wanting to go my whole life and this was just an excuse to leave. Alex found me through a fellow photographer friend on social media. The world is so so small. I felt like this was meant to be because Alex and Abbey were awesome to work with. Alex’s plan was to propose some time during the day I was there. They had done a ton of fun things during their time in Arizona and Alex was waiting for the perfect time. Abbey had no idea I was stalking them for hours! What made it even sneakier was that there wasn’t very good cell reception for Alex to communicate with me while we were both in the Grand Canyon. If you don’t know, the GRAND CANYON IS HUUUGGEEEE. We were finally able to figure a location to meet up once we had tiny cell bars and Wifi. Once he popped the question, we were able to take engagement photos right then and there. They were both so happy, you couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces even though there were crowds of people walking by.


It’s you and me against the world

We walked around for awhile and talked about our trips we made. Alex had the ring in his pocket for awhile before he asked her and was telling me how nervous he was! How cute! He even hid the ring in the mattress at their hotel. That in itself is so brave.

So thankful we had great weather, it was such perfect timing with everything. We enjoyed our little sight seeing photoshoot. They even climbed down to jutting out spots themselves without me telling them. Abbey was in sandals too - shout out to you Abbey for killing the adventure game!


love is M A G I C

After we took in the sunset, we headed back to our cars and all went out for Mexican food. We stuffed our faces as they told me about them going to see Fall Out Boy in Vegas when they leave Arizona. What an amazing week for them. They are getting married soon - congrats you two!