X Ambassadors

My first show at Red Rocks Ampitheater was nothing short of ethereal. I had been to the venue during the day the before, but I had no idea it would be as amazing as it was. Not only did the moody weather set the perfect tone for the evening, I was able to shoot it with my friend that owns the magazine I was shooting for. She was able to show me the ropes before it began and I might have found the pretzel stand too early too. ;) First up? Allan Rayman.


This band had so much personality. Even with being the first one on the lineup, there was no lack of confidence. They used the whole stage with weird movement and really knew how to use the microphone.

Rock and roll, living fast,

dying young

MisterWives made the next appearance. Describing them in one word would be FUN! The photos speak for themselves really. Smiles and vibrant colors all around.

Maybe I’m a dying breed, But I believe in Individuality

This SOLD OUT show had fans going nuts for the header - X Ambassadors. The last time I photographed them was years ago at a smaller venue. I thought they were amazing then, but they have grown so much as artists. Their stage presents was phenomenal. The energy surrounded the amphitheater and got even better as it started to rain. You would think fans would be upset but the crowd just got louder and louder.