Addye, Portrait Photography in Oakland Cemetery

My photography may be wedding and concert based but I do love doing portrait sessions! They are probably one of my favorite things to shoot.
Just you and me getting some new profile pics or tinder icon photos! Maybe you just want some fun headshots outside. Whatever it is - I’m here for it!

Addye is a friend from high school. We both went to the same University to achieve our teaching degree. Even though we went down different paths with career choices, Addye has become an elementary school teacher in the city I moved from. From the photos she posts online of her classroom, you can tell the kids ADORE her!

She hadn’t had her own photoshoot before - but she killed this. We walked around an Atlanta evening before sunset and this is what we made..

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

feel your wings

Addye had brought he sister along to hang out and for that girl power moral support!

I definitely had to grab a few shots of them together, you can feel their bond by just them talking to one another.

We finished the evening with strolling by one of my favorite greenhouses in the city. There was no certain plan or spot in mind on our walk, but that was the beauty of it.

I loved learning more about Addye and hope to see her soon in the future as she continues to grow.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

something beautiful is growing here