Angelica + Josh | Loveland Pass Elopement Photographer

Angelica and I go wayyyy back. She used to live across the street and wait at the bus stop with me every morning. Last year, I photographed her sister’s wedding - where I also met Josh for the first time. These two completely are head over heels for each other. I didn’t have to talk much to Josh at last year’s wedding to see how he looked at Angelica.

When they asked me to shoot their elopement, I was ecstatic! They had original plans for a small wedding, then it was changed to be in North Carolina by a waterfall, then the final decision was to fly out from Georgia to me in Colorado to elope in the mountains! Yes having family witness this life changing event can be important to many family members. In the end, the day is about the couple and their love for each other.

I am a pro-elopement photographer and if you agree as an engaged couple - it could be one of the hardest choices to make. It shouldn’t be an obligation to have a giant wedding with every single friend from Facebook and every second cousin once removed in attendance. If you want something intimate in a pretty place, GO FOR IT!

Josh even brought his daughter Addy along, which I thought was the perfect idea. His two special ladies by his side while I get to capture moments for them (and their family and friends back home)! They are planning to have a reception at the end of the year with those closest to them to celebrate their marriage. No stressful wedding planning, just a big ol’ party with hugs, and food!

Dreamy and teary-eyed are the only words I have for this moment! I was able to walk Josh up to the location for first look before Angelica followed. Angelica, with the help of Addy, was getting ready by their rental car. When it was time, they walked up together and Addy stayed by me while Angelica went to meet her hubby in her wedding dress for the first time.

Angelica had texted me photos of her at the dress shop with the one she picked out, so I was also excited to see it in person! She also went with my recommendation of a florist in Denver.

His tweed tux, her dress, and darker toned flowers made a beautiful combination.

The best thing to hold onto in life is eACH OTHER.

Putting these two photos together so you can see why they were laughing.

Addy is so cold and couldn’t stop making funny jokes. Such a good sense of humor!

Thursday afternoon bubbly anyone?

two souls but a single thought

Since we were planning months ahead for them to fly out, there was no way to depict the weather. It took us a few different virtual location scoutings to decide on Loveland Pass. Having Addy made a difference because we couldn’t have a major hike and having to go around her school schedule made a particular time frame. Look at this beautiful cloud filled sunset, we honestly could not have picked a better time and place! Everything fell together nicely. For my first year out in Colorado not having experience in every season, I think the universe was in my favor here.

It was a windy one. As the light started to fade as the sun went down, it got progressively colder in the pass and made the wind chill more intense. I figured I’d add the blurry photo of the vow books to show nature doing its thing. These books were custom made and hand written; I think it is the best idea for anyone who elopes! The gold accent on the cover matched the rose gold rings.

Angelica and Josh both bawled as they read their vows to each other as Addy and I watched closely. We stood a little farther back at first so they could have their moment.

Squeaky, tear filled voices and wind blowing against their faces. There wasn’t anyone else around. So romantic!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite

As Addy went back to the car to get warm, we finished up the evening fitting in that last bit of sunset. Angelica’s skin was just glowing in that light!

Luckily since we were in the pass, we could hear cars coming. We could see them coming from down the hill but since there was a turn around the corner in the opposite direction, we had to be VERY good listeners! I wanted to get these shots, but was hesitant to ask for that reason. To hear Josh say he wanted to get in the street for some and to see Angelica get happy about it, I was more than willing to oblige! It was like they had their own little wedding exit for themselves, what a magnificent ending!