Sage's Maternity | Monastery of the Holy Spirit Conyers, Georgia Photographer

Sage Owen was recently married and has been expecting! From the time I start this blog post to the time I will finish and post - I’m sure Hadlee will be arriving! Sage is over 36 weeks pregnant in these photos. She came to me not knowing what to wear and with no idea of where she wanted to take them. I decided the Monastery of the Holy Spirit near where we lived would be best. There is something so spiritual and magical about this place that was very fitting. With being so intimate, I was glad we were alone for the session.

Georgia Maternity Photographer

Georgia Maternity Photographer

9 months preparing a lifetime of love.

“YOU’RE SO BRAVE”, I would yell at Sage for being barefoot on the entire shoot of the forrest floor.

I can’t imagine the feet swelling but willingly walking on those pine needles - you go girl!

We couldn’t stop cracking dumb jokes about the birds chirping.

They were obviously telling her that she looked so good. I mean come on - they aren’t wrong!

Georgia Maternity Photographer

Mother nature showing this momma some love light

Our last stop was by the lake, having trees and little ducks surrounding us. With the light shining through, it honestly felt like a tiny fairyland. Sage was so willing to jump right into the water and didn’t care for her dress to be dirty! We danced around and made a bit of magic ourselves. I won’t be posting the dancing ones because they are quite unflattering, but you can just imagine!

Georgia Maternity Photographer

You are the closest i will ever come to magic…